Emma Waverman writes about the chaos of modern family life in the kitchen and out of it. She has a weekly food column on CBC Radio One, Here & Now. She is the co-author of the family cookbook Whining and Dining: Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters and Families Who Love Them and is hoping to one day finish her certification as a parenting coach. She lives with her three kids, ranging from tween to university student, and husband in Toronto. Emma has written for a variety of national lifestyle magazines and newspapers. When she's is not making typos, telling you what she thinks, and thinking about dinner, you can find her on Twitter at @emmawaverman and Instagram. You can contact Emma at embracingchaos@hotmail.ca.

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I Can't Think of a &*%** Title

I have a potty mouth. Everyone knows it, except my kids. Every time my husband drops the F-bomb (usually at another driver but sometimes at the raccoons digging up the grass) he tells the kids that I am much worse than him. And I agree.

And that, I tell my kids is the key to swearing. Knowing when to use it.

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A Better Than Average Dinner in Chaos

Typical dinner night at my house:
Me: “Kids, dinner.”
Random kid: “What’s for dinner?”
Me:"Food" (and no, that comeback never gets tiresome)
Random Kid: "You always say that. What kind of food?"
Me: "Chicken kind"
Random Kid: "Chicken, I  hate chicken! Why do you always make chicken. I hate chicken. [Insert whining, complaining here]"
Me: "Honey-mustard chicken"
All kids: "YEY! Everyone run to the table, its honey-mustard chicken. I love you mummy!!"
See how simple it can be?

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Don't Eat the Marshmallows!

There was an infamous study in the 60s about marshmallows, four-year olds and self-control. Researchers placed a marshmallow in front of a 4-year old child and told them that they were going to leave the room and if the child did not eat the marshmallow then they would get a second one, and if they did eat it, then there would only be that one and only. Kids used all kinds of methods to avoid eating the sticky goodness, and the ones who tried to ignore the temptation were the ones who were the most successful at waiting. But the ones whotempted fate by licking or smelling the marshmallow rarely made it through five minutes, let alone fifteen. The study caught up with these kids years later and guess what?

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Embrace This!

My best friend says that this blog is going to provide her with a lot of blackmail.  So let me get that out of the way, yes, I feed my children McDonalds’s drive-thru when we are in the car for more than two hours. And yes, I let her 18 months old escape into a parking lot when I was supposed to be watching him at the playground.  And that was all in one day.

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