Emma Waverman writes about the chaos of modern family life. She is the co-author of the family cookbook Whining and Dining: Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters and Families Who Love Them and is hoping to one day finish her certification as a parenting coach. She lives with her three kids, ranging from tween to grade schooler, and husband in Toronto. Emma has written for a variety of national parenting and lifestyle magazines and newspapers. When she's is not making typos, telling you what she thinks, and thinking about dinner, you can find her on Twitter at @emmawaverman. You can contact Emma at embracingchaos@hotmail.ca.

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The Man Cold Comes in Many Forms

You got to feel bad for my sister right now. She has two kids sick at home and a husband on bedrest with a bad back. And she lives with my mother while her house is being renovated. She needs sympathy. And guess what is the worst part of that trilogy?

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Baby Stuff Overload

Sometimes I am caught unawares and I find myself staring at a wall of beautiful baby gear. The funky carriers, the new toys -- everything is so beautiful and well-designed. The consumer in me combines with the baby lover and takes over my body and I yearn to have another infant. One that I could carry around in a beautiful brocade sling with natural wooden toys, wearing environmentally-friendly bamboo clothing. Every year they come out with products that make new mommyhood seem so much easier!

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Nestle Makes the Very Best... or do they?

Do you remember 1988? I do, just graduated from high school – the sweet smell of clove cigarettes, watered down draft beer and the stirrings of political awakenings. And I faintly remember hearing about a Nestle boycott, something about breastfeeding, formula and a big who cares from me. Well, that boycott is still going on, and Nestle inadvertently revived talk about its practices when it held a junket for mommy bloggers at its headquarters last month.

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Catastrophe Casseroles 101

While I was courting controversy on the web last week (who knew Halloween costumes was such a touchy topic?). In real life, I was being trying to be a helpful member of the mommy community.

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Want a Fright? Check out Tween Halloween!

You know what scares me? Tween girl’s costumes. I see the sexy nurses and fallen angels walking down the street and I am seriously frightened for them.

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