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How to find the best orthodontist (for you)

I hated the orthodontist when I was teen. The sparse office and surly office staff did not improve the general experience of being yelled at for never wearing my headgear. So when it was time to look for a good orthodontist for my teen, I wasn’t doing it with the happiest disposition.

I wasn’t even sure where to start to find a good orthodontist. One that wouldn’t hoodwink me into paying for services I didn’t need. I needed someone who could talk options with my teen and treat him like an adult. I needed convenience and kindness, and of course, knowledge. A free coffee and WiFi is a bonus.

After a lot of research, whining and phone calls we ended up at City Orthodontics which is the perfect place for our family. But how do you find your perfect ortho?

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Since the orthodontist is essentially the same cost as a family vacation, it’s worth investing some time in finding the right office. So, here are my tips to help you on my search.

Convenience: Do you need an office that is open after school hours or on Saturdays? Do you need an office that your child can get to on their own? Will you be attending all appointments (I hope not.)  I reconciled my long drive with the knowledge that City Ortho is right above a subway station.

Special needs: My son as anxiety and is always full of questions, so I had to find an office that was willing to book extra time with him. The office told me that almost everyone has something – whether it is extra sensitivity to pain, or sports requirements or just a very interested parent, (not me, of course.)

Niceness factor: Some people don’t need hand-holding and super -friendly environments. My family does.

Get a second opinion: Many orthos offer a free introductory visit, take advantage of that and take your child with you.

It’s your kid’s mouth: Your child is going to have a relationship with the orthodontist and the office staff. Listen to who they liked. My oldest son was adamant that he did not want braces on his upper teeth – Dr. Dayan treated him like an adult and they were able to make the decision together. (He ended up with Invisalign and it worked great.)

Ask about the money: Orthodontics is an investment. Ask about the payment plans right up front.

Word of mouth: Ask your dentist, family doctor and parents of older kids who they would recommend. That’s how we found our orthodontist and now I recommend him to everyone

My kids actually like going to the orthodontist -- they feel heard and respected. And while, they maybe don’t wear their elastics enough (son number 2) or their retainer every night (son number 1), it was a good investment.

The one problem with hanging out at the orthodontist’s office too much is that I am starting to think about Invisalign for myself. 

Sponsored Post, but 100% authentic. 

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When you choose an orthodontist for youself, you need to make sure that your orthodontist provides you all treatment options like Invisalign and Damon braces. Most important thing to consider is the orthodontic treatment fits your needs and they provide you a flexible payment plan.


April 12, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterOrthodontist in London

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