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Mornings From Hell Happen to Everyone

Have you ever had a morning where you wake up on the wrong side of that fine line between being on time and being late?

And then you go downstairs, dressed in yesterday’s cast-offs to find that your kids have not moved from the couch and are still staring at they TV watching some show that they have already seen a million times?

Have you ever had the kind of morning where one particular child seems to be moving slower than the rest? And whinier? Where one child becomes the squeaky wheel, but instead of oil all you have is irritation to get it going?

And even though you are yelling at the kids to eat their breakfast/get dressed/pack their bags; no one seems to move one inch?

Have you ever had the kind of morning where you don’t want to answer another question about the location of the library book or if there is gym or what shoes should they wear?

The kind of morning where making three lunches and three breakfasts and feeding the dog just seem outside your ability to cope?

The kind of morning where yelling happens more than talking? Where aggravation is the dominant emotion and you can hear the words coming out of your mouth and you know that they are not at all helpful – but they keep coming out in a fast and furious pace?

Have you ever had the kind of morning where every child is late for school, even though they were up at the crack of dawn?

The kind of morning that makes you wonder all day if you are really cut out for this mothering thing, even though it is a decade too late to wonder that at all. The kind of morning where you run over the events over and over again and wonder if permanent damage was done by your bad handling of the situation.

Have you ever had the kind of morning that makes you rush a little earlier to school to pick up your kids and when the bell rings the kids rush out the door eager to tell you something about your day? And you realize that they have forgiven and forgotten all about the morning and you should too.

Yeah, I’ve had the kind of morning too.

Want more chaos? Last year, I wrote about how my daughter's books were leading me to talk gibberish.

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Reader Comments (2)

When were you at my house, Emma? You've described a good many mornings here. A few days ago, it got so crazy, I looked in the fridge for the clock. Not long ago, my youngest (6 at the time) sat on his bed, immobile and naked, refusing to get dressed and go to school. I told him he had two minutes to get dressed, or I'd throw him over my shoulder, just as he was, and carry him down to the bus-stop! That got him moving - good thing too - I was a little afraid he'd force me to carry the threat through! Thank goodness they forgive us.
March 13, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterbecky
Wow - you were at my house this morning! Instead of fighting it, we rolled with it and got to school an hour late. I carry zero guilt about that. I would rather be 60 minutes late than spend 30 minutes freaking out. 10 years from now, who's going to care that we were late for first grade?

March 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBiff

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