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I Like It On Facebook

So where do you like it?

You know what I mean.

Get you mind out of the gutter! Your purse. Where do you like your purse? Mine’s on the floor, or the hook or on the backseat.

Don’t you feel so much more aware about breast cancer now?


The current rage on Facebook is to put where you like your purse into your status. The cheekier the better. Every time I log onto Facebook I see lines like, “I like it on the stairs, where it’s dirty” or “If I remember I like it on the chair.”

I am a lousy Facebook user (soon to be better with the launch of my fan page, hurrah!). So I haven’t added in where I like it. I am also not really a joiner so I doubt I would add it in anyways. Well, that’s not true. If money was going to be donated based on each person who added it in, then I might. Because that’s what is needed. Money. Empowered women. Self-exams.

Awareness I have. My good friend had a breast removed last year. She was 42. My friend’s mother died of breast cancer when we were 15. I am aware of breast cancer, I assume you are too. And if being a little cheeky made a difference then I would list where I like my purse, the colour of my underwear or even where I do like “it”. But with this there is no pink ribbon, no link to donate, no urging to get checked. Just a little kinky meme that is supposed to titillate men and I guess, raise awareness.

Last January, women were supposed to put their bra colour into the status line. (Funnily enough, very few said dirty beige, or washed-out white.) There was irony in the bra colour campaign, one I did not seriously think about until WhyMommy read her poignant post at BlogHer “In the Name of Awareness”. She is a cancer survivor and she doesn’t wear a bra – she has no breasts. She found the whole thing hurtful.

This time round the meme has nothing to do with breasts at all. Just a cutesy way to get everyone talking. Now that we are talking about it, what are we going to do about it?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, don’t just buy something pink. Donate to Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, here. Don’t fall for “pinkwashing”: check out what “think before you pink” at breastcancer.org.

And on a happier topic, check out my blogiversary post with a beautiful, personalized giveaway!

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